Monday, 28 January 2013

Takeaways, oh sweet takeaways!

My crutch is takeaways. At the moment I'm addicted to Subway. You know, the "healthy option". We tend to have a full day in town, get groceries too late and then need something to eat on the way home. Stupidly though we always come up with something decent for Barclay to eat, but for ourselves it seems easier to buy something ready to go.

Last night there was no getting Barclay to sleep, he was wired. After numerous attempts we resorted to the old drive in the car trick. One lap around  a decent sized block he was still yelling nose from the backseat. Sam and I looked at each other and said Burger King. So we drove 15 mins into town and got a couple of bloody amazing burgers, and fizz even though I've been doing so well off it. Fail...but he did go to sleep!

So the next thing I aim to quit is takeaways. Fish and chips, Subway, BK. The lot. I'm already a bit stressed by it, will have to researching easy freezer meals I can defrost and bung in the oven on those nights where I have no time to prep anything!

My diet is still a major change from my pre kids one, the one that caused a good amount of weight gain too. It involved about one cooked meal a week, a lot of cheap pies, a lot of Indian and Mcdonalds, hungover Sunday KFC, pizza deliveries when there was no car, loads of Thai lunchdates and litres of budget fizz.

Don't even ask how my after dinner sweet quitting has gone, lets just say no tea has been consumed and a lot of the unallowed have :) Ill get there eventually, I still have 11 months, but things are improving slowly!


  1. Good luck! I'm trying to keep takeaways down to once a month, is hard sometimes though!

  2. Get a slow cooker and get friendly! It was/is the only way I make it through mega days healthy at the other side. All you need to do is chuck in whatever veg are in your freezer with a couple of tins of chopped tomatoes and you're away. Do it when you get up, and by the time you get home it is hot and waiting, and freeze whatever is left over. Slow cooker RULES.
    And you're doing amazing btw