Wednesday, 9 January 2013

A little about us....

Here we are, the Fenwick Family. There's me Dani. I'm 22 and already homemaker extraordinaire ;) Gentle mumma of toddler Barclay and new baby Sylvie. You'll find me in my chair most days, on facebook stuck under a child with a boob in their mouth, and when that's not happening I'm doing housework, dancing with Barclay or EATING RUBBISH!

Then there's Barclay ^^^ in the sweet orange tie die! He's a 20 month old crazy cute kid! Loves kicking, throwing and bouncing balls, being nude, his chickens, cats, ducks, pressing his diddle on things, fun times with dad and booby cuddles with mum.

Our newest family member Sylvie, 3 months old! She is the most placid sweet thing, loves sleeping (long may it continue), being terrorised by her brother, snuggled by her dad and boobs.

And lastly my husband Sam. This picture sums him up! Cows and babies are his life, I tried to write more about him and his personality and how much I love him but it was all far to sappy.

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