Saturday, 12 January 2013

Summer treats!

I am officially a frozen banana ice cream convert!!

We've had a stinking hot day at the beach today, my dad sneakily tried to give Barclay some Mr Whippy and I started to feel guilty he was missing out. Especially on something which I strongly recall from my own childhood being soooo awesome! So when Barks woke from his afternoon nap I set to making him the new craze, frozen banana ice cream and I always have bananas in the freezer ready to go for baking so it took 2 minutes.

I whizzed a frozen banana (microwave it for 20 seconds so the skin removes easily) with a pinch of chia, a couple of teaspoons of LSA and the same of coconut for 30 seconds until smooth. Then mixed a teaspoon of melted coconut oil with a teaspoon of raw cocao and poured it over, finishing it all off with more coconut. The coconut oil sauce sets and turns a treat into something super exciting!! Barclay's a skinny wee dude and we never managed to get him to gain much weight, along our journey I learnt from a group of amazing friends about the wonders of coconut oil and we now use it for everything.

101 uses for coconut oil, you'll be surprised but its not all food related!!

My husbands on holidays at the moment so after scouring for a fishing spot and failing for an afternoon we stopped and got massive punnet of strawberries from a local berry place. After the kids went to sleep we had cut strawbs topped with coconut cream that had vanilla extract and coconut sugar mixed in. Just pop a can of coconut cream into the fridge for a couple of hours and scoop the top solid white half into a bowl and whip!

I also have this in the freezer as a more adult treat (although Barclay loves it too) ready to go for the nights when I'm craving something sweet after tea. It tastes so good and takes 5 or so minutes to make. Nabbed the link from a friends facebook page!

Really need to get some moulds for ice blocks so I freeze the leftovers when I make smoothies and eventually juice when I get my juicer. The tupperware ones look really clever so am saving for those! I am a total tupperwhore, much to my husbands delight ;)

So it turns out my kids will not miss out on summer treats, they get not only a treat but something jam packed with goodness!! Guilt free. Happy kids and a happy mumma!

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