Monday, 11 February 2013

Adjusting habits and getting motivated

After yesterdays post I got inspired, made homemade flat breads which turned out more like pits. They were so good, Barks helped me make them and they took no time at all and were very easy! Not something I had to plan a day in advance, the dough only had 2 hours to rise and they were still brilliant. I cooked mine in a dry skillet in the oven on about 180 degrees. Waited until it was piping hot and chucked them in one at a time. Here's the recipe I followed

 Since Ive begun this Ive noticed the bad habits I have. No breakfast, bread based lunch, always potatoes with tea, a treat while the kids sleep (or don't sleep) in the afternoon, my ability to skull a litre of fizz the moment it hits the fridge, sweet stuff before bed and I'm sure there are more!! So Ill begin addressing them, but changing gradually so I don't shock my system ;)

No breakfasts - easy fixed I thought. This morning, 2 eggs fried in coconut oil, with a couple of slices of tomato in homemade pita. I skoffed it, went for a walk and felt like being sick. Have felt fairly average since. Will keep it up though! Desperately need a juicer so I can have a glass of that the instant I'm up.

Bread based lunch - no more sandwiches, or cheese toasties. I'm actually pretty stuck, do I have eggs for breakfast aaannndd lunch?? We've been having chickpea stews for lunch quite a bit this past week but we cant eat that for every meal. Corn fritters are great but I rarely have the time to stand and flip them. Will have to do a bit of recipe hunting to find something that appeals.

An afternoon treat - today's choice, a handful of choc chips arghhhh!! I will eat anything bad I can find, if there is nothing I pine and text my husband and have whinge and a moan and am in a terrible mood by the time he comes home from work. Have just whipped up a basic raw slice. Dates, nuts, coconut, honey and coconut oil all whizzed together. Pressed down and chilled. To make it more appealing Ive made choc topping with honey, coconut oil and cocao which tastes like dark choc when set! If it hits the spot Ill continue to make that and make the slices smaller and smaller.

Potatoes with tea - have definitely been making changes, quinoa is our new best friend. And when we do I have potatoes I have way way less.

Fizz issues - easy. DO NOT KEEP FIZZ IN THE HOUSE EVER!!!!

Sweet stuff before bed - well I very guiltily bought a tub of ice cream in the groceries this week as we'd been  ducking to the shop to buy an ice cream every night which is not only bad, its pretty spendy. BUT instead of the typical massive bowl I had been having I got a back of cones and will have 1 scoop of icecream on a cone before bed. Gradually weaning off it onto something better. Perhaps a "chocolate smoothie" packed with good stuff.

Cant wait until all this good eating becomes habit and I stop grabbing for the crap stuff..... I say this as I nibble on chocolate chips. Shit. 

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