Sunday, 3 March 2013

Lost my mojo!!

Its going. The thrill of it all is slowly going and bad habits are returning. Fizz in the fridge, ice creams and slice after tea. Takeaways. I feel so guilty buying it all but just can't resist. We're still having great lunches and teas most days, been having lots of new things, still a good few vegetarian meals and no processed food in the tea I'm cooking apart from sourdough from the farmers market which I'm well and truly addicted too.

We're moving in May, Sam's still working long hours, Barclay's sleep is up the whack so I'm knackered and trying to pack and clean so doing all the extras just isn't happening. No time to bake or experiment with things. Last experimental tea ended up with everyone in tears over the stress, I didn't get to eat much of it and then when a certain husband stole  my favourite thing off my plate while I fed Sylvie I lost the plot well and truly!! So we are having a bit of break from it all, we are doing much better than we have been, I shall kick the fizz habit again and our dinners are still good. But I cant promise not to stop my after dinner sanity treats, or takeaways when we spend days in town.

Stay tuned for our new house, the amazing vege garden I have planned and a much less stressful life!! Then we will get back on track. Oh but I have lost 5 kilos since we started this, and last week we ate no potatoes (that is huuuge for us).

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