Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The scariest challenge of all

Sometimes I feel insanely immature when it comes to food, I have a small list of foods that frighten me. Yes that's right. Frighten me. I have over come a few past ones - lettuce, spinach which I now have a love for, cabbage and sour cream. Funnily enough, I used to be way to scared to try sour cream and I now eat it with everything.

Ive come a long way from my past habits, until about age 10 I was a chicken nuggets and chips kid. My parents would even send me off to friends places with them in tow so Id have something to eat. Id eat vegetables but just the boring old frozen mixed vege, and some mashed spuds. A roast every now and them but nothing extreme and generally not a lot of green. One day I discovered curry, then I became addicted and wanted it all the time! Since then Ive explored, have fallen in love with so much food and am addicted to pretty much everything.

Except mushrooms, zucchini, offal, fish, seafood, sushi and olives. Its now time to tackle another!

I hate zucchini so much Ive never tasted it. So really I have no clue if I hate it or not, Ive been slowly starting to add it to things. Grated into spag bol, I knew it was in there, ate it but I didn't enjoy it as much as normal. Childish huh. I had a zucchini fritter from a Turkish stall at the farmers market, smothered in hummus and aioli it was good but I couldn't tell mum that. I'm not ready to taste it taste, I swear I will spew. So today Ive added it in big chunks to something I cannot resist. Curry!! Will see how we go.

So far Barks will eat anything, will taste everything and has no obvious food aversions. I need to  take a leaf out of his book and try everything. Conquer my food fears so to speak. Another goal for me, tackle a new food every 2 months. I will disguise it in stuff, gradually getting it to more of its natural state eventually eating it plain. Then if I still don't enjoy it, I'll move on. And I promise to admit defeat!!

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  1. I had mushroom aversion for ages, but didnt' want to pass it to the kids so started cooking with them, now I don't mind them!

    Zucchini is probably my most favorite vege..

    Offal scares me too.
    Ease yourself into sushi by putting yum fillings in it and spring onion mayo on top like at the food court!